‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ a spoiler free review!

I’ll start off  by saying I saw the film in HFR 3D (or High Frame Rate).
I loved the movie!
I hated the HFR…more on that later.

You can say the typical things everyone else will about The Hobbit, it was a fun filled action-adventure. There aren’t as many dark moments in The Hobbit as there were in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  That is not to say though it did not have scary moments.  Jackson does a wonderful job of taking what is a classic bedtime children’s story and crafting it into high drama. The Hobbit is about dealing with loss and self discovery set to another truly epic journey across the lands of Middle Earth.

If you enjoyed The Lord of the Rings, you will certainly find another helping fun in The Hobbit. Although slightly watered down.  Go see it!

When you do go see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, you have a staggering six different choices for viewing methods!

  1. Old fashioned 2D, no glasses, no crazy frame rate.
  2. RealD3D, the way you’ve been seeing 3D movies in the theaters for a couple of years now. Once again no crazy frame rate. (The “D” stands for digital)
  3. RealD3D in HFR, which is 3D with a frame rate doubled upped. Now instead of 24 frames a second, you are watching it at 48 frames a second. Claimed benefits of seeing it this way are that the HFR will reduce eye strain, make the 3D easier to view and make everything look “more real”. Downside is it distracting for a while and looks like a video game.
  4.  IMAX, just you regular huge image. You’ll be able to count the few hairs on Gollum’s head.
  5. IMAX 3D.
  6. IMAX 3D in HFR.

Confused? Bonus points if someone can find it playing in a theater projected from a 2D film print. Then we would have a seventh choice.

Be warned, like The Lord of the Rings, his film does contain a lot of walking.

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