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Stan Lee rants about movie endings with animation by HISHE!

Check out this funny video from the You Tube Channel Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. Stan has some interesting ideas on how the Star Wars prequels should have ended. Enjoy.

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Freddie Wong brings us a VGHS Season 2 update!

VGHS has started production! This time around to try and save money to put towards other aspects of production the VGHS crew is building sets at the You Tube Studios.

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George Lucas now a major stock holder in Disney

As part of Disney’s $4 Billion deal to buy Lucasfilm, we are learning that nearly $2 Billion will come in the form of Disney stock. It is also being reported that Lucas plans to donate a large amount of the … Continue reading

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More ‘Star Wars’ spin-off news. Han Solo and Boba Fett films in the works.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this… Entertainment Weekly is now reporting about two more films in the works and claim to have sources close to these projects.  One about a young Han Solo and another about Boba Fett. There … Continue reading

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‘Community’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ return this week!

Community is returning to TV for its 4th season on NBC. Which must mean it is finally October 19th, 2012 right? Oh wait… It is February, in 2013. Oh dear. Well at least the Study Group will be back in … Continue reading

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Only days left on the Video Game High School: Season 2 Kickstarter!

It is really coming down to the wire for Freddie Wong and company as they try and secure funding for season 2 of their awesome and funny web series, Video Game High School. Right now they are about 74K short … Continue reading

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‘Aliens Part I: Heart of Darkness’ is the newest installment of ‘All Your History Are Belong to Us’

With Aliens: Colonial Marines about to be released on Feburary 12th Chris Lockey brings us the latest installment of Machinima’s All Your History Are Belong to Us series.  A must watch for any fan of the Aliens franchise. Aliens Part I: … Continue reading

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First look at new ‘Doctor Who’ toys from Toy Fair 2013 in the UK!

The Doctor Who Site has posted a number of photos of upcoming products for Doctor Who. Check it out the links below for their galleries. New from Character (Underground Toys in the US) New from Character Builders line [IMAGES: The … Continue reading

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Do you have what it takes to join COBRA?

Here is a cool viral ad for the new G.I. Joe movie. It was supposed to be a Super Bowl ad, but didn’t air. Enjoy.

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New trailers for ‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, and ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation!’

Check them out! Iron Man 3 – Super Bowl Spot and extended “look” Star Trek Into Darkness – Super Bowl Spot

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