The teaser for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’!

Star Trek Into Darkness will hit theaters May 17th of 2013. Here is your first look at the teaser for the follow up 2009’s Star Trek.  As soon as the credits rolled on the last Trek movie, fans have speculated who would the villain be in the squeal. “Khan” everyone has thought. The second movie from the Original movie series is the fan favorite Wrath of Khan. Seeing as this would be the 2nd film in the reboot series, it has led many to hope that history might repeat its self.  Nothing has been officially said who the villain in this new Trek movie is, but we were told that character from Wrath of Khan would appear in it. Check out the trailer below. Also there is a Japanese trailer which includes an extra shot at the very end that mimics a moment from the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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