Andrew Kramer’s ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ titles!

Star Trek Into Darkness comes to Blu-Ray and DVD today (in an annoying number of exclusive editions).  Meanwhile After Effects guru Andrew Kramer has been doing title work for JJ Abrams for sometime.  In this video Andrew gives us an idea as to how he put together the Main and End Titles for Star Trek Into Darkness.  Check it it out it is pretty cool, there is Kero, and LEGO too! (Even lens flare too)

It is remarkable what Andrew and his Video Co-Pilot team were able to accomplish using After Effects and his own Element 3D! software.

And since the film was presented in 2D and 3D, we had to come up with a workflow that was fast &  flexible without sacrificing creativity.

Being able to stay inside of After Effects while working directly with 3D objects gave us incredible freedom to build complex scenes with thousands of objects and hundreds of layers in a single comp. Plus everything was created for stereo so all the layers and objects had to be in true 3D space.

Also keep in mind this was all rendered for 3D IMAX resolution too!

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