Great scott! A plea to not make 8/8/whatever ‘Back to the Future’ day….

For the past couple of years May fourth has become some what of an official Star Wars holiday, as in “May the 4th be with you” – this is something that makes me shudder.  That day is mostly about the fans which is fun. What is not fun are bad puns.

Even July 4th this year was subject to a second dose of this silly word play.  Spike broadcast the all 6 Star Wars movies around then and called it “Force of July” (complete with hashtag) as in the Fourth of July I am guessing. The “Force of July” also gave viewers the chance to win tickets to the upcoming Star Wars Celebration VI which is a good thing. However the puns are just painful. The following is from the Spike website.

Who’s ready to spend their Fourth of July with the Star Wars family? Damn straight you are. Luckily for us all, the Force of July is almost upon us and with the help of our good homies over at Star Wars Celebration, we invite everyone to a week-long adventure to a galaxy far, far away.

So that brings me to today. August eighth. In an effort to head off the next such silly thing – please lets not make August eighth Back to the Future day… as in 88 miles per hour the speed one needs to reach in their modified Delorean to travel through time.

Please just don’t do it. We can keep March 14th though.

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