Undergoes Slick Makeover

For the past few years visitors to Star Wars’ official website may have noticed that at times the site seemed to lag, and appear somewhat bloated and bogged down. Ahead of Friday’s one-two punch of the season 4 premiere of The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, and the release of the 6 Star Wars films on Blu-Ray, comes a brand new site design.

The new design takes advantage of the growing number of web users viewing the web on larger screens and at higher resolutions. When the site launches on your browser you are simply blasted with beautiful, giant, colorful images. Another significantly noticeable quality about is how fast the site now loads, especially with all of those large and brilliant graphics. This re-launch also seems to have made the site more friendly to iOS devices. For right now the content of the site seems to be focused on the videos and games. The encyclopedia has made also made a return,  with big awesome visual characters, items and places that fill the Star Wars Universe. However the descriptions that accompany those images are lean on content.  Have no fear though! There is a link on each page to the related entry on Wookieepedia.  For Star Wars news other sites do the heavy lifting. now links to some of the more popular Star Wars fan sites around the web. There is also a blog style feed of headlines relating to Star Wars stories on various other sites.

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