‘Prometheus’ hits theaters!

After thirty three years Alien, Ridley Scott brings us Prometheus. It was rumored that it was a prequel, then it said not to be one by Ridley Scott. We have been fed lines about it being a story about the beginnings of human life. Whatever it is, I am looking forward to seeing it.

I can say this, it is at least the same universe. Maybe they don’t land on LV-426, maybe they do? Maybe the front of the Prometheus looks a lot like the Nostromo’s escape pod. What we cannot deny, is that we see what looks to be a Space Jockey similar to the one in Alien, and the shape of alien spacecraft in Prometheus looks similar to the one from Alien.

So will thirty three years of hype and speculation deliver on the mysteries presented in the 1979 classic?

(The Dark Horse Aliens comics gave us a somewhat comical explanation about the Space Jockey in an issue.)

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